Thanks for registering!

Thanks for registering for Acappellooza 2019! We’re excited about the day and hope you are, too! 

THE MUSIC: We’ve chosen two songs to work with as we learn about a cappella harmony and plan to know them well enough to perform them for your families and friends at the end of the day, and also with Orangeville Show Chorus at the Blues and Jazz Festival on Sunday, June 2.

Now that you're registered, you'll need two things... learning tracks and sheet music.

LEARNING TRACKS: We’ll be singing four-part harmony. There are learning tracks for all four parts for each song. Download the “four parts” track for each song, which will show you how the four parts sound when sung together. You'll find the learning tracks for Rock Around The Clock     here and for With A Little Help From My Friends here.

SHEET MUSIC: The sheet music for both songs is available on their respective learning tracks pages. We’ll have copies available at the workshop, but you might want to print them yourself so that you can spend some time getting familiar with the words! 

We’ll be teaching and rehearsing all day but by spending some time ahead of the workshop listening to the learning tracks of your favourite part, you will feel much more comfortable with the music!! First, you'll need to choose the part that appeals to you.


MELODY: The melody of the song is called the LEAD part. If you choose to learn the Lead part, on the sheet music you’ll be reading from the treble clef and following the notes that have the stems pointed down. If you are familiar with reading traditional choral music, your part will look like the alto part. Click on the “LEAD alone” track and listen a few times so your part will be familiar to you before the workshop. 

LOWER: If you enjoy singing low, you might prefer to work with the BASS learning track. On the sheet music you’ll be reading from the bass clef and singing the notes with the stems pointed down. Don’t be alarmed, though. What you’ll hear on the track is actually an octave higher than what is written and not difficult to sing. 

HIGHER: If you prefer to sing higher notes, try listening to the TENOR learning track. On the sheet music, the TENOR part is the notes with the stems pointing up in the treble clef. 

HARMONY: If you enjoy a challenge and love to sing harmony, BARITONE is the perfect part for you. Listen to the BARITONE learning track and on the sheet music, follow the notes in the bass clef that have the stems pointing up. Just like the bass, what you actually will be singing is an octave higher than what is written. 

We look forward to “ringing some chords” with you !! See you on June 1st. 
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