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Hats Off to Orangeville Chorus

About 20 members of Orangeville Chorus, plus a few chorus friends and one husband, recently took part in a ‘hat challenge’ to make winter hats for families in need. It was spearheaded by Associate Chorus Member Gery de Roux who connected the chorus to an organization called “Warming Families” through a crochet guild to which she belongs.
     There are about 20 Warming Family groups in the U.S., but only one in Canada. The representative for the Canadian group is Dalyce Newby, who is also a member of Gery’s crochet guild, and the one who brought this to her attention.
     Once Gery put the word out to Orangeville Chorus, the challenge was on - the needles began to fly, and the pile of hats grew and grew. Wool for the project was donated by “Lands End”, a yarn company, and some members contributed bits and pieces from their own supplies.
     In just a few short weeks, more than 200 hats of various styles, colours and sizes—for men, women and children—were knitted or crocheted and ready for distribution. 
Some of the recipients were local shelters, churches and Christmas hamper programs, all of which will assure that many heads will be kept warm this winter.
     The accompanying photo, with Gery de Roux in the centre front, shows some of the results of the hat challenge and proves that Sweet Adelines can create harmony and warmth in the world, not only with their singing, but with their collective efforts to help those less fortunate.

December 2009