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"Thanks again from grateful Sweet Adelines"

June 9, 2016
Orangeville Citizen

“Random acts of kindness,” “Pay it forward”... these are expressions we hear often, but are not always fortunate enough to experience.
    Well, on Saturday morning, May 14, 11 members of Orangeville Chorus, Sweet Adelines had that experience in spades. In a barn south of Shelburne, we had just taken part in an early morning photo shoot for an upcoming “Calendar Girls project” in conjunction with Orangeville Music Theatre and Music and Memories. 
    We then went off in the rain to Barb’s Country Kitchen to have brunch, warm up with a coffee and talk about the memories we had just created. While waiting in line at the restaurant a pleasant gentleman struck up a conversation with one of our members and noting that we seemed to be having so much fun wondered what had brought us all together that morning. And so we told him. 
    We were eventually all seated and he was on his own at a corner table. He finished eating first and as he was leaving, he stopped by our table and said “Have a lovely day ladies. I may not be able to purchase a calendar so in honour of what you have done I have just paid for your breakfast.” We were so surprised, all we could do was utter our “THANKS”... and he was on his way. 
    All we know about this kind man is that he is a physician. We didn’t even have a chance to get his name. We inquired with the owners of the restaurant but they did not know him. All efforts since to locate or identify him have been unsuccessful. So we are hoping that somehow this letter will be seen by him and that can now know how very thankful and impressed we were with his “random act of kindness.” 
    We have all promised to “pay it forward”! With the crazy world we live in . . . how wonderful and refreshing it is to have this kind of an experience. THANKS AGAIN from some very grateful Sweet Adelines!

Anne Richardson
On behalf of “the Sweet Adeline Calendar Girls”